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ImageMisuse of User_id & Password - Update date:05-10-2015 [View]
ImageTransfer - Estt- Yearly List of volunteers- Update date:10-07-2017 [View]
ImageFurnishing of Annual Immovable Property Return (IPR) for the year 2016 (position as on 01.01.2017)- Update date:05-01-2017 [View]
ImageHqrs. most important circular No. AN/SAS/16102/SAS-II/DEC/2016/PROG Dated 15.09.2016 - Update date:05-10-2016 [View]
Foreign Mission Circular- Update date:07-09-2016 [View]
Hindi Incentive Scheme- Update date:19-08-2016 [View]
Transfer - Estt- Yearly List of volunteers- Update date:12-07-2016 [View]
Reconciliation of TDS - Update date:04-02-2016 [View]
Preliminary Examination (Test) April ,2016 for Admission to SAS-I Examination - Update date:20-01-2016 [View]
Monitoring of Defence PensionBudget Leave Encashment for the year 2015-16 - reg - Update date:19-01-2016 [View]
Upgradation/Installation of MPLS VPN -based WAN in the organization of CGDA under Managed Netwaork Servies(MNS).- Update date:15-10-2015 [View]
Reconciliation of compiled figures of 24G for the Past/Current Financial years - Update date:05-10-2015 [View]
Furnishing of Information of Assets and Liabilities . Update date:28-09-2015 [View]
Grant of EDP Allowance- Reg . Update date:08-09-2015 [View]
Preparation /Submission of RE for 2015-16 and F.B.E for 2016-17 Under Information Technology. Update date:04-09-2015 [View]
Transfer Estt. DAD :: Volunteer for Northern Region- Update date:25-08-2015 [View]
SAS Part -II Examination scheduled to be held in November,2015.-Update date:05-08-2015 [View]
Posting to Bhutan DAD Estt. (Panel 2015-16) .-Update date:04-08-2015 [View]
Volunteers for Posting to North East -SAOs/AOs .-Update date:04-08-2015 [View]
Information Regarding Employment of their Family Members in Foreign Mission and Foreign.-Update date:05-06-2015 [View]
procurement of Computer Hardware for 2015-2016.-Update date:25-05-2015 [View]
Volunteer - Bhutan.-Update date:22-05-2015 [View]
Volunteer - Port Blair.-Update date:22-05-2015 [View]
Second Follow-up Report for QE-12/14 on the Annual Audit certificate-2013-2014.-Update date:10-02-2015 [View]
Central Government Employees group Insurance Scheme 1980,Annual Report for the year 2015.-Update date:22-01-2015 [View]