The Admin Section looks after general administration of the office and sub offices and deals with conduct and discipline, confidential reports, departmental examinations and maintenance of service documents, office security and care of office buildings, furniture, and other machines, diarisation and distribution of confidential and Demi-Official letters addressed to the CDA/Addl.CDA/JCDA, permanent advance and office contingency and miscellaneous expenditure, custody, disbursement and accounting of cash, maintenance of cash book and allied registers, payment of advances for purchase of conveyances and GPF advances and preparation of budget estimates in respect of locally controlled heads and cash requirement estimates of the office. This section provides healthy working conditions for the officers and staff of this office.
The Pay Group is responsible for audit and payment of pay and allowances claims, except medical claims and TA/DA claims of DRDO personnel.
The classification of all receipts and payments on account of pay bill and other claims dealt with is performed by the Pay Groups.
It is also responsible for comprehensive and precise maintenance of all records and rendering advice on matters regarding their service entitlementsto the administrative and executive authorities.
Last but not the least, Pay Groups ensure timely payment of final settlement benefits of all DRDO employees.
The Medical Section is responsible for audit and prompt payment of medical claims of DRDO personnel.
Transportation Section ensures prompt settlement of TA/DA and LTC Claims of all DRDO employees and other service officers attached to various Labs/Estt. This Section also pays advances of TA/DA and LTC admissible under Rules and watches their adjustment against adjustment claims received. Audit and payment of TA/DA claims of DRDO employees proceeding on retirement is also an activity of this section.
Cash Assignment Section issues Cash Assignments (Letter of Credit) in favour of Directors of Labs/Esst authorising a particular Treasury or Bank to make payments demanded by concerned Labs/Estt up to the limits specified therein. Requisitions for Cash Assignments received form Labs/Estt will be scrutinized to ensure that the amounts proposed to be drawn are within the Budgetary Allocations of the Projects/labs. Drawings out of Cash Assignments will be exclusively through Defence Cheques supplied by CDA (R&D), Hyderabad. This Section ensures that the monthly Cash Account is received duly supported with the relevant vouchers/CRVs/Schedule III/Bank Statements etc and checks that Reconciliation between the Bank and Cash Account has been carried out by the Labs/Essts and that this fact is recorded in the Cash Book. It prepares the Punching Medium for the Cash Account received by initially booking the expenditure to Suspense Head through a Class V Punching Medium and simultaneously clearing Suspense Head and debiting the service heads of the concerned Labs/Estt through Class II Punching Medium. Likewise it also ensures that details of Resource Generation activities are distinctly shown in the Cash Account and also ensures that the receipts and expenditure on this account are correctly booked to the relevant heads. Cash Assignment Accounts are also reviewed to see that heavy Cash balances are not kept unnecessarily with the cash assignment holder and balances remaining unutilized at the end of the financial year are deposited into treasury through MRO.

Foreign Purchase

This Group is responsible for accounting and auditing payments related to foreign procurements. Compilation of Expenditure against authorisation for payment in respect of Foreign Contracts is also an activity of this section. This Group also monitors the status of Letters of Credit and its corresponding expenditure and settlement. A Monthly Progress Report showing the total amount of FE released and noted is to be furnished to DBF&S, DRDO HQrs.
Resource Generation
Labs/Estt under the DRDO garner resources by offering services in the form of consultancy, utilization of existing facilities including testing facilities, conducting user specific training courses, offering for hiring of its specialized facilities, and supplying user specific products. It also mobilises additional resources from disposal of surplus/obsolete assets (stores, land). The job of auditing and accounting of these Resource Generation Projects is also an activity done by the Stores Section of this Office.
Labs/Estt /Programmes enter into Contracts for Acquisition of Research/Professional Services for acquiring Research/Professional services from Academic Institutions/Universities. Audit of expenditure in this regard is the responsibility of Stores Section of this office.

This Section is largely responsible for audit and payment of all bills of contingent and miscellaneous nature. Payment of Imprest Advances and its subsequent recoupment is also watched for by this Section.
The job of carrying out internal check of Books of Accounts and/or such other records relating to receipt /issue prepared and maintained by Labs/Estt/Units as prescribed in Books of Regulations and Government Orders from time to time is the responsibility of this Section. Additionally, this section also carries out Internal Audit of Financial Accounts of various Projects/Programmes undertaken by the Labs/Estt. The LAO also carries out an intelligent review of Audit work conducted by his staff and carries out surprise test checks periodically to see that the accounts have been audited in strict compliance with the orders laid down for the subject. He also ensures that outstanding objections are settled within the prescribed time limit and report cases of abnormal delay to the CDA/PCDA. LAO prepares half yearly programme of local audit, approves it from the CDA and ensures that the schedule of audit is strictly adhered to. As regards audit of store accounts, the LAO reviews the pattern of consumption of stores and justification is sought for abnormal issues of stores. He is also responsible for highlighting instances of infructuous expenditure and suggests ways and means of effecting economy. He renders a Quarterly Activity Report of items of Financial Advice and higher audit points given to Administrative Authorities to the Internal Audit Section for submission of the same to the CGDA. He also prepares and submits to the CDA/PCDA, a Quarterly Report on Major Financial and Accounting irregularity in the manner prescribed in Codes and manuals. Annually, the LAO prepares the Annual Audit Certificate and the Appropriation Accounts. Over and above, LAO also concentrates on areas of Higher Audit and Performance Audit now termed as Regulatory Audit.
An integrated Office Automation System for automating various items of work like diarizing of letters, stores section, TA/DA Section, Medical, Pay Modules, Accounts Section Cheque Linking Module and LCH Modules form a part of the OA Package. The system is user friendly and validation checks have been incorporated into the system without compromising audit checks laid down in the codes and manuals. In accordance with the expansion policy of HQrs office, an exclusive DDP Centre with effect from Sept 2005 that processes and forwards Punching Medium Data and compilation reports to Audit Sections and also forwards periodical reports on compilation as directed by HQrs.
The primary objective of this section is to assist the Administrative and Executive Authorities of DRDO in improving the financial administration of the Labs/Estt under their audit jurisdiction by providing periodical updates about the General State of Accounts and evolving methods to increase the cost effectiveness of the expenditure incurred by the Administrative and Executive authorities of DRDO. This section ensures optimum utilisation of resources placed at the disposal of the Administrative and Executive authorities and provides Financial Advice to the local Administrative authorities of the DRDO. Other major activities of this Section include circulation of govt.letters and clarifications concerning Defence Civilians of DRDO to ensure correct application of these orders in the day to day functioning, disposal of LTARs/Draft Paras raised by Test Audit Authorities, rendition of Quarterly MFAI Reports, AAC Reports, Appropriation Accounts to the CGDA and examination of important points raised by LAOs, sub offices, and Audit Sections of the Main Office.
This Section performs disbursement functions for the staff and the labs/units/estt attached to this office. It also arranges Cash Assignments on treasuries and banks in favour of disbursing officers authorised to make payments. Other activities of this section include payment of all bills passed, despatch of cheque slips, preparing of Schedule III, maintaining a daily record the reconciliation made between the totals of the daily payment sheets and Schedule III. In the present scenario, this section is responsible for making all payments through the SBI, CMP.
This Section is responsible for prompt distribution of inward dak to all sections in the office and prompt despatch of outward dak. This section contributes to the efficiency of the office by maintenance of an up to date library and methodically arranging and preserving Old Records and destroying time-expired records. This Section also indents for, receives and distributes stationery and forms and keeps an account of the stock of stationery items and forms held on charge. The procurement, distribution and correction of books of regulations, Army Instructions, Army Orders etc. is also an important activity performed in this section.
This Section is responsible for speedy payment of LTC/TA/DA, GPF, Medical, House Building, Motor Car and Computer advances.
The Accounts Section of this office provides accounting and financial information to the executive authorities for performance of their managerial functions and aids the Government for preparation of financial accounts of the Defence Services. The broad functions of this section are preparation of Schedules from Punching Media in respect of Remittance Heads, maintenance of Debt Head Registers, watching the progress of expenditure against allotments in respect of locally controlled heads, rendition of monthly statements of expenditure to the locally controlling authorities, checking of budget estimates received from them, settlement of transactions under Defence Proforma Account, reconciliation of balances as per Monthly Statement of closing balances worked out in the books of the Controllers and watching clearance of outstanding under suspense heads under Defence Proforma Account and processing of transactions relating to Exchange Accounts between CsDA. This Section is also responsible for preparation of Appropriation reports, Review of Balances in respect of Defence and DAD, Annual Statement of Expenditure and checking Annual Consolidated Balanced Accounts of the Defence Services.
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